The Former Drawbridge Inn

On my way to checking in to the motel, I came across this. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but I knew something used to be here. There is even a huge highway sign that has now been painted over in black. It had looked like some kind of hotel, since there are signs indicating check-in. After a little research, I found out that a large hotel and convention center called The Drawbridge Inn once stood here. Apparently The Drawbridge was another casualty of the Great Recession. There are even a few isolated lamp posts still standing on this lot. Check out this WLWT-5 video of the demolition of The Drawbridge Inn.

The Drawbridge Inn Sign
This is what the sign looks like today. Still standing along the highway.2015-08-09_05.26.44
Drawbridge Inn Lamp
This lamp once guided weary guests.2015-08-09_05.26.21[1]
House at former Drawbridge Inn
Not sure if this house was part of the Drawbridge property. It appears someone still lives here.
2015-08-07 14.07.50


Check-in is self service, and free too.
2015-08-07 15.30.55

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