Tom McCall Waterfront Park

’Hawthorne Bridge
Hawthorne Bridge. This is Portland’s oldest highway bridge as well as the oldest operating vertical lift bridge in the US. Built in 1910.
’The Morrison Bridge
The Morrison Bridge with the Oregon Convention Center in the background.
’Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland from the river.
’Newport Seafood Grill
Newport Seafood Grill, a floating restaurant on the Willamette.
’Vintage neon seafood sign
Vintage neon seafood sign
’Riverplace Marina
Riverplace Marina
’Riverplace Marina
Riverplace Marina.
’four pillars
Four pillars
’The Burnside Bridge.
The Burnside Bridge.
’The Burnside Bridge.
The Burnside Bridge. The twin green spires is the Oregon Convention Center.
’"Made in Oregon" sign
The large neon “Made in Oregon” sign just west of the Burnside Bridge.
’Battleship Oregon Memorial
Battleship Oregon Memorial
’Oregon Maritime Museum
Oregon Maritime Museum.
’The Morrison Bridge
The Morrison Bridge. That sailboat keeps following me.
’The mist of the fountian
Today was hot, so I thought I’d cool off.

’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’

Salty’s On the Columbia

No trip to Portland is complete without a visit to the Sunday Brunch at Salty’s on the Columbia. Located about a quarter of a mile east of 33rd st on Marine Drive. Also adjacent to the runways at Portland International airport (PDX), so you can watch planes land and take off. This however can get a bit noisy, especially out on the deck at Salty’s. The brunch itself will set you back about $40, but it’s worth it. After leaving, I go catch the bus on 33rd, which travels down 33rd st. along the edge of Irvington Park. This area has some of the grandest and most stately homes in Portland. The bus ride concludes at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center Mall.

’PDX Airport tower with Mt. Hood in the background.
PDX Airport tower with Mt. Hood in the background.
’The Columbia River
The Columbia River
’Donaldson Marina
Donaldson Marina on the Columbia. Interstate Bridge in the background.
’Interstate Bridge
Closer view of Interstate Bridge. No smoking, by the way.
’Salty's on the Columbia
Salty’s on the Columbia. I like the lighthouse design.
’Vancouver, Washington suburb
Vancouver, Washington suburbs across the river.
Holladay Park’ fountain
Now it’s back to downtown. A fountain at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center.


’Street Clock at Lloyd Center
Street Clock at Lloyd Center
’Lloyd Center fountain
Lloyd Center fountain. Currently turned off.

Downtown Portland, Sunday Afternoon

After leaving Salty’s on the Columbia, I head downtown to take in many of the interesting sites there. Hundreds of constantly running drinking fountains, called Benson Bubblers can be found here. However, a true Benson Bubbler has 4 bowls, while a majority of these fountains have one bowl. Summers can get so hot sometimes that these fountains are a welcome sight. Besides the bubblers, Portland is home to numerous fountains as well. One of these is Keller Fountain near the Portland State University. It is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

’Portland drinking fountain
One of Portland’s many drinking fountains. Most of these are single bowl.
’Old hotel sign
Old hotel sign. Don’t think it lights up anymore.
’Benson Bubbler
A true Benson Bubbler. These have four bowls and are less common than the single bowl fountains.
’Georgia's Grocery and Kent Hotel
Georgia’s Grocery at 12th and Stark with vintage & Up sign.
’Hotel Joyce sign
Hotel Joyce sign. Probably dosn’t light up anymore.
’First Presbyterian Church clocktower.
First Presbyterian Church clocktower.
’Ace Hotel, 11th and Stark in Downtown Portland.
Ace Hotel, 11th and Stark in Downtown Portland.
’Golden West sign
Golden West sign
’Keller Park fountain
Keller Park fountain
’The fountain at Keller Park
The fountain at Keller Park
’The fountain at Keller Park
The fountain at Keller Park
’Wells Fargo Center Portland
Wells Fargo Center, Portland’s tallest building.
’Portland Public Library entrance.
Portland Public Library entrance.
’Drinking fountain
Drinking fountain at library
’Red house.
Red house.
’Church Tower
Church Tower
’Jake's Famous Crawfish
Jake’s Famous Crawfish sign.
’Jake's Famous Crawfish
Jake’s Famous Crawfish
Keller Park Fountain.
Closeup of Keller Park Fountain.
’Keller Park Fountain
Keller Park Fountain
’Keller Park Fountain
Keller Park Fountain
’Falls at Keller Park Fountain
Falls at Keller Park Fountain
’KOIN Center
KOIN Center
’Globe lamps in Downtown Portland.
Globe lamps in Downtown Portland.

Saturday Afternoon After the Festival

Had more than my share of crawfish for the day and I’m full now. So its off to the east side of Portland to see some of the sights here. I snapped up pictures around Belmont, Powell and 82nd, Street Boulevard and Avenue respectively.



’The Vista Avenue Bridge
The Vista Avenue Bridge from the Goose Hollow MAX Station.
’Goose Hollow MAX Station
Goose Hollow MAX Station
’Over the Willamette on the steel bridge
Over the Willamette on the steel bridge
’Fountain on NE Martian Luther King Avenue
Fountain on NE Martian Luther King Avenue
’Vintage gas station on Belmont.
Vintage gas station on Belmont.
Wentworth Chevytown rotating sign
Wentworth Chevytown rotating sign
’Large neon sign at Wentworth Chevytown
Large neon sign at Wentworth Chevytown


’Avalon Theater on Belmont
Avalon Theater on Belmont
’Belmont Street at I forget where
Belmont Street at I forget where, I’ll find out.
’Vintage McDonald's on Powell Blvd.
Vintage McDonald’s on Powell Blvd.
’The States Motel sign
The States Motel sign. Not sure if it still lights up.
’Madison High School
Madison High School
’82nd. Ave
Looking north on 82nd. Ave. toward the Columbia River
’The Cameo Motel sign on 82nd.
The Cameo Motel sign on 82nd.
’A vintage Safeway on 82nd.
A vintage Safeway on 82nd. Building is still there, but its not a Safeway anymore
’Chinese Village Foods sign
Chinese Village Foods sign. This area is now Portland’s second Chinatown.

Tualatin Crawfish Cook Off

Friday evening August, 9 and the event I came to Portland for. After riding the MAX from downtown to Beaverton Transit Center, I get on to bus # 78. After a stopover at Portland Community College Sylvania Campus in Lake Oswego, its on to Tualatin Commons.

Beverton Transit Center
Beverton Transit Center
Portland Community College Sylvania Campus
Portland Community College Sylvania Campus. Its like a trip through the forest on the way to the main building.
Portland Community College Sylvania Campus
On the way to school.
Tualatin Commons
The lake atTualatin Commons.
Tualatin Commons
All of this was under water back in ’96
Tualatin Commons
Would’nt mind having a condo here.
Drinking Fountain atTualatin Commons
One of several seashell fountains around the lake.
Fountain atTualatin Commons
Kids playing in the fountain at the Commons.
Lake at Tualatin Commons
The lake.
The lake at Tualatin Commons
An evergreen by the lake.
The lake at Tualatin Commons
Lakeview offices.
The lake at Tualatin Commons
A glimpse into the lake.
Oregon crawfish
What I came here for, crawfish. This was only a buck!
The lake @ Tualatin Commons
The lake @ Tualatin Commons
Tualatin Commons
Large evergreen at entrance.
Beverton MAX Station
Back to the motel.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

Pioneer Courthouse Square, also refereed to as Portland’s living room is a city bock in Downtown Portland. It’s Friday morning and the  Tualatin Crawfish Cookoff is tonight. On the way down to Tualatin, I’ll visit downtown and the square


’The Weather Machine
The Weather Machine at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Pioneer Courthouse Square Weather Machine
There is even a Starbuck’s here
Pioneer Courthouse Square fountian
The fountain at the entrance of the visitor’s center.
Yamhill Street
Yamhill Street across from the square.
Portland streetlamp
The famous Portland streetlamp.

Tualatin Crawfish Festival 2007

On the MAX to Beaverton.’
On the MAX to Beaverton.
’Beaverton Creek
Beaverton Creek runs south of the transit center.
’Vintage Burgerville USA in Beverton, OR C. 1960.
Vintage Burgerville USA in Beverton, OR C. 1960.

Saturday morning, it’s time to head to Tualatin for the Crawfish Festival. A short bus ride downtown then onto the MAX to the Beverton Transit Center. While I’m in Beaverton, I decide to take a look around town a little. Near the transit center is one of the first Burgerville USA restaurants, circa 1960. Although it is hardly a restaurant since there is no indoor dining. The red neon sign an trim really stand out on overcast days typical of the Pacific Northwest.

After exploring downtown Beaverton for a bit, I get on bus #76 and head down to Tualatin. Upon arriving at Tualatin Commons where the Crawfish Cookoff was held. Today, there were radio controlled boats racing around on the lake at the commons. At 10 AM the crawfish festival parade begins. At 11, its time to head on over to Tualatin Community Park for the festival itself. Vendors from all over Tualatin and some from Portland cook up all sorts of crawfish recopies. Most of these foods you’ll only find here at the festival only on this day.

’Model boat races at Tualatin Commons.
Model boat races at Tualatin Commons.
’Crawfish festival closure.
Crawfish festival closure.
’The parade begins.
The parade begins.

’ ’ ’

’Vintage Mustang.
Vintage Mustang.
’Winona Grange #271
Winona Grange #271
’A John Deere Tractor
A John Deere Tractor
’Red Rain Dears of Tualatin.
Red Rain Dears of Tualatin.
’Koch Family Farm
Koch Family Farm

’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’

’The Tualatin River
The Tualatin River
’Evergreen trees
Evergreen trees
’Tualatin Community Park
Tualatin Community Park
’Railroad Bridge over Tualatin River
Railroad Bridge over Tualatin River

Arrive in Portland, Oregon

Alright, this is a throwback to August 2007. However, I am rebuilding the blog. I might even rename it, but the URL will remain the same. I’ll even redo the existing portions of this website when I get to them.

It,s August 2007 and time for a trip up to the Pacific Northwest. I use to live in Portland and haven’t been back in a long time, so Portland it is. Also the Tualatin Crawfish Festival was going on, I think that was the main reason I went. Also has to try out the new camera. I was also glad to get out of the 100+ heat in Las Vegas for a while. Here ar the first few pictures I took the day I arrived



St. Johns, Oregon


Mid Century bowling center across from the Motel 6 on Powell Bvld.


Looking east on Powell towards downtown.


Day’s Piano on SE Foster rd, now closed. Lots of old  signs like this along Foster.

’Best Value Inn
Best Value Inn on S.E. 82nd. Ave. A googie era motel.


Best Value Inn on S.E. 82nd. Ave. A googie era motel.