Hello I’m Charles Kitchton, a Graphic and Web Designer and photographer in Las Vegas, NV. Above is a map of my travels since 2007, when I started to take photography seriously. I currently travel somewhere about twice a year and snap up photos of whatever I find interesting and share them here. It seems like there should be many more markers on this map, but lately, I have seemed to return to places I’ve been before. So I will have to get to some new places soon.

Each of these photos I have taken over the years captured a moment in history. Thats what a photograph does, rather than a video, which captures a period in time. I seems that about 80% of what I photograph is structures, I there will soon be post on architecture photography. When I first started this blog, I used an Oregon Scientific point and shoot digital camera and basically did just that, pointed somewhere and shot. I later began using the Samsung Galaxy Two which made it’s first appearance in Denver in March 23012. Beginning in 2015, the point and shoot cameras have been retired and a Canon Rebel took their place. However I did not shoot in raw mode at the time. Today, I always shoot in raw mode with the Canon and save that for the prized photos while the Galaxy 2 does the rest.