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The weekend of the Great American Eclipse starts off at one of my favorite places in Portland, Salty’s On The Columbia. The Sunday Brunch here is $48, but worth it. Great views of the Columbia and Portland International Airport. However, without a car, there is about a one kilometer walk from the bus stop on N.E. 33rd St., line 70. A map here shows the location of the stop and Salty’s. Every time I come here I take pictures and sometimes it seems that I’m snapping up photos of the same things. But no two photos are exactly alike, and in the two years since I’ve been here, there are new things to photograph.

Portland's Little Free Libraries
One of Portland’s Little Free Libraries.

There are a lot of seafood selections on the buffet, the best are the Dungeness crab clusters my favorite.  Very rare to find then on the buffets in Las Vegas. However, there are non seafood selections as well.

The Columbia River from the lobby.
IMG_4694 IMG_4695
A few thin clouds today.


Remnants of docks
Remnants of docks along the river.
Leavng Salty's
Time to go, it was real.
Leaving Salty;s
Till next time.

Stormy Afternoon in Downtown Indianapolis

During my trip to Ohio, I deiced to sneak on over to Indianapolis for a few hours to snap up some pictures of downtown. So much to see here. The Circle Center Mall was great, got a lot of pictures here. Then went over to Monument Circle. From here you can get a glimpse of the statehouse as well as many other downtown buildings. The day was quite wet though, as a storm rolled through just as I got back to the mall. Had to catch the bus back to Columbus, it was still raining very hard. But the storm started to to let up after it seemed like it would never end. Made it back to the terminal just in time to catch the bus, although got a little wet making the two block journey from the mall to the bus station.