Stormy Afternoon in Downtown Indianapolis

During my trip to Ohio, I deiced to sneak on over to Indianapolis for a few hours to snap up some pictures of downtown. So much to see here. The Circle Center Mall was great, got a lot of pictures here. Then went over to Monument Circle. From here you can get a glimpse of the statehouse as well as many other downtown buildings. The day was quite wet though, as a storm rolled through just as I got back to the mall. Had to catch the bus back to Columbus, it was still raining very hard. But the storm started to to let up after it seemed like it would never end. Made it back to the terminal just in time to catch the bus, although got a little wet making the two block journey from the mall to the bus station.

Victorian Village -Columbus, Ohio

OK, I skipped over five years from the last post which took place in 2011 to this one, which takes place today. Since I am rebuildin this blog, I will have the blogpost for 2012- spring 2016 up soon. The pictures of these trips can be found in the gallery.

After nearly a decade since I visited Columbus, I thought it was time to return. Staying on Morse Road, I took the High Street bus down to Fifth Ave. and started heading west on Fifth.

Morse and Sinclair
The view from my motel at Morse and Sinclair
2016-08-27 11.02.35
Railroad bridge across Morse
Railroad bridge across Morse. 2016-08-27 11.05.35
The great sign at Tee Jay's Country Place
The great sign at Tee Jay’s Country Place 2016-08-27 11.15.57
Smartphones are turning you into a robot.
I use a smartphone, therefore, I’m not human! 2016-08-27 11.17.49
Homes along High St.
Homes along High St. 2016-08-27 11.40.04
Homes along high st.
Lots of nice old homes here 2016-08-27 11.40.35
Starbuck's near OSU
Starbuck’s near OSU 2016-08-27 11.46.43
Arches along High Street.
Arches along High Street. 2016-08-27 11.57.49

Fifth Avenue runs through Victorian Village and borders the OSU campus on the south. It then crosses the Olentangy River and heads into Grandview Heights.

West along 5th.
West along 5th. 2016-08-27 12.00.27

IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4479 IMG_4480

2016-08-27 11.58.37 2016-08-27 12.01.26 2016-08-27 12.04.26 2016-08-27 12.04.49 2016-08-27 12.05.03 2016-08-27 12.05.48 2016-08-27 12.07.30

Victorian Village boast some of Columbus’ finest architecture, colorful, old Victorian homes that date back to the early 20th century. Many of these homes were once threatened by the bulldozer for modern development. However, due to strong opposition most of these homes were saved and the area has become a historical district.

2016-08-27 12.08.05 2016-08-27 12.08.32 2016-08-27 12.08.52 2016-08-27 12.09.32 2016-08-27 12.11.14 2016-08-27 12.13.04  2016-08-27 12.18.30 2016-08-27 12.21.33 2016-08-27 12.26.05illage